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Cobotics 2

Cobotic systems: Reducing the amount of repetitive work

Cobotics in Logistics 4.0

This solution is reducing the amount of repetitive work within picking from an Automated Storage and Retrieval System and increasing throughput. The cobots are working side by side with a human. Before the totes arrive at the picking station the content is scanned and processed using machine learning to decide if the robot will be able to grab the products. At the picking station the cobots are equipped with 3D scan hard - and software to be able to grab the high variety of products. If the cobot cannot grab the products, depending on the type of error, the human either handle the product or learn the cobot how to handle the product. In this set up the human is both a coworker, a supervisor and a programmer. The cobots are movable and can be moved to other tasks.