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Cobotics 2

Unfilming of pallets

Cobotics in Logistics 4.0

Every day, a huge amount of pallets are manipulated all over the world whatever the business sector (600 million per year in France). To assure a good preservation of products, a plastic film is applied all around the pallet. The addition of this film causes some secondary actions like filming and unfilming. These are low value-added tasks, repetitive and unpleasant for operators. That’s why most of the filming is done by automatic machine. Unfortunately no solution exists today for unfilming. We decided to program the cobot to make it unfilm pallets. This operation will tend to reduce the time of unfilming, delete this physical task for humans by decreasing the number of musculo-skeletal disorders and improve the global performance of the company. Eventually using cobots is better than using robots due to their flexibility which allows the operators to move the cobot from one place to another to unfilm pallets.